How to Make a Non-Emergency Maintenance Request

When you rent a home, you are entitled to have maintenance and repair issues taken care of, and of course, all homes need maintenance from time to time. When you submit a maintenance request, we will inform the owner. Once the owner authorizes it, we send work orders to qualified contractors, vendors and maintenance companies and they contact you for scheduling. Each repair request will be handled as quickly as possible and anything to do with habitability will be prioritized. Cosmetic repairs are at the discretion of the owners and occasionally renters may be asked to perform simple repairs. Anything renters can do to help with maintenance saves money for the owners and keeps rental prices down. We ask for your feedback when repairs are completed so that we know you are satisfied with the results.
A person fixing an electrical outlet, representative of your maintenance request being taken care of by Key Partners Property Management

Be As Detailed As Possible

Please submit as much detail as possible. We will contact the owner immediately for repair authorization. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call. If this is an emergency, please call or text the number given to you in your Welcome email from your move in. Once a contractor or vendor has been assigned to the repair, please let us know if they have not scheduled with you within 48 hours. If work is not completed to your satisfaction, you must let us know by email so that we can follow up with that vendor. Please include the best number to reach you on and the full property address on the form below. When you rent a home, you are our eyes and ears at the property. In order to protect yourself and the property, we need to know if things are not taken care of promptly and professionally. Thanks for your cooperation!

Non-Emergency Maintenance Request Form

This form is only for non-emergency maintenance requests. For emergencies, please call (913) 766-2191. If you do not get a live person, you must text 911 with your message to the same number.

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    MM slash DD slash YYYY

    We will notify the owner and once we have authorization, issue a work order. A contractor will call you directly to set up a time to meet you at the home.

    If you have not heard from a contractor within 48 hours, please email us at If this is an emergency email us immediately. Put the address and 911 in the subject line.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Emergency Maintenance

  • For emergencies, you should call (913) 766-2191. If you do not get a live person, you must text 911 with your message to the same number.
  • Emergency repairs are repairs that must be done immediately to avoid damage to the property and to maintain the safety and health of residents.
  • Depending upon weather conditions, heating and cooling problems are a priority and handled as soon as possible.
  • If you are having a heating or cooling problem during the week, it must be reported at that time.
  • Please do not wait until the evening hours or weekends to address these problems. Remember: Keeping owner costs down, keeps your rental rates down.