Renters Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pet policy?

Can I get a pet after move-in?

How long will it take to process my rental house application?

Do you paint walls and clean carpet in every rental house property?

How long of a lease must I sign?

Who pays the utilities?

How much is the security deposit?

What will need to be paid prior to moving into my rental house?

Is rent negotiable?

What happens if I want to break my lease?

Can I install cable or satellite TV at the property if not already installed?

When is Rent Due?

Can you waive my late charges?

When and how should I give my notice to vacate?

Do I need pre-approval to paint the home or make other changes?

What are the move-in/move-out and monthly administrative fees for?

What are my responsibilities if my company transfers me before the end of the lease?

Can I be charged for home maintenance?

Can I sub-lease the property or use the property for business?

Can I rent a carpet cleaner or clean the carpets myself when I move out?

What happens if my roommate/spouse moves out or I want to add a roommate before the end of the lease?

What happens to a roommate’/spouse’s security deposit if they move-out early?

Can you waive my late charges?

When and how should I give my notice to vacate?

Why have rental house insurance?

Buying Renter’s Insurance

Rental House Insurance Policy Types

Personal Property Riders for Renter’s Insurance

Possible Renter’s Insurance Discounts

Living Expenses Rider for Renter’s Insurance

Property Owners FAQs

Property owners find making the decision to rent or lease out their home a difficult personal choice. For some property owners, the decision to lease is because the home is an investment property. For other property owners, the decision to lease a home comes because the home has been on the market, is not selling and needs to relocate or downsize or move to a larger home. Whatever the reason, Key Partners Property Management treats a home the way property owners would want. Below are some of the important ways we handle the transaction of leasing your home. Know that you and your home are in excellent, professional realty property management hands!

What is the rental value of my house?

How long does it take to get my house leased?

Who will be touring my home?

How do I know that the renters are qualified?

Do you require management services with your tenant locating service?

Do you have the lowest fees in town?

Why do you need us to be named as an additional insured on your homeowners policy?

How will you market my property?