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Providing landlord tips and landlord advice is part of what we do as the leading property management company in Kansas City. Visit our blog and watch our videos for information on topics such as evictions, rent collection, and maintenance. Find Kansas City investor education and look for answers to some of your most pressing questions. We’re always trying to improve our landlord blogs, so let us know what you’d like to hear about. You just might see it as a featured topic.

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Resources for Landlords and Investors

The Benefits of Maintaining Professional Boundaries: Why Landlords Should Let Management Companies Handle Tenant Communication

Managing a rental property is one thing. Managing tenant relationships is something very different.  Tenants can often be more challenging than the physical property. They might be prone to complaints. They might want to talk - a lot and about everything. They might...

The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date with Local and National Housing Laws

As a real estate investor, it is essential to stay up-to-date with local and national housing laws. With the property market constantly changing and evolving and a huge push towards tenant protections growing, staying informed on legal matters can prevent costly...

Location, Location, Location: Why It Matters in Real Estate Investment and How to Assess a Property’s Potential

When it comes to real estate investments and rental properties in Kansas City, one of the most important things to consider is location. There is perhaps no saying that’s more famous than the adage "location, location, location.” This often-repeated phrase carries a...
Maximizing Rental Income: Proven Rent Increase Strategies

Maximizing Rental Income: Proven Rent Increase Strategies

When should you raise your rent? How much should you raise it? How can you communicate this increase to your tenants without chasing them away and creating vacancy and turnover costs for yourselves?  These are common landlord questions, and we have answers.  You own...

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Home Showing Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

Home Showing Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

When it’s time to show your Kansas City rental property to prospective tenants, make sure you have everything in place that will attract the best possible tenants and the highest rents.  As tenants begin to inquire about showings, you can be sure that your marketing...

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We hired KPPM to manage our rental home in Overland Park after having some bad experience with previous property management agency. KPPM used email communication effectively to manage expectations and provided guidance to address tenant concerns. They fielded most of the tenant concerns on their own and involved the owners only if needed. Overall, we had a very good experience with KPPM property management. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I recommend this firm without any reservation to home owners considering renting their homes. Thank you KPPM for taking care of our property last year and handing it back to us safely upon our return home.


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