Here in KC we’re finally moving toward spring and it’s time to freshen things up. We’ve kept our windows and doors tightly closed to keep in the warmth but this also means we’ve also kept those indoor odors inside as well. Cooking smells, pet odors, smoke and mold can all combine to produce stale and smelly air.

So get rid of this bad air and bring in the good.

Household fabrics really hold in odors. Curtains, upholstery and even pillows really retain smells so vacuum thoroughly. Fabric sprays can work but avoid overly flowerly smells as they can irritate allergies.

Take down curtains and put them in the dryer with a fabric sheet or two. Tumble without heat for a few minutes to freshen up.

You can buy carpet fresheners but baking soda will work as well on carpets and rugs to neutralize odors. Sprinkle around, wait 15 minutes and vacuum up.

The kitchen is also a major source of stale odors. A cup of vinegar poured down the garbage disposal will help. Lemon, lime or orange peel dropped inside will not only clean the blades but will freshen up the inside.

Clean out the smell coming from the dishwasher by pouring another cup of vinegar into the bottom and run it without dishes. If it is especially “fragrant” add two cups.

Get into that refrigerator and you may just find a Christmas treat or two hidden deep inside where no one looks. This is a sure sign that the fridge needs a complete clean and de-smelling. After a good cleaning session put a box of baking soda on a shelf to keep future odors at bay. Hint: keep it far from veggies because the sodium bicarbonate can wilt them quickly.

Lastly, you have pets you have smells. This is where area rugs are a good choice for floors; they can usually be sent to the rug cleaners to remove stains and smells and can be placed over carpet. Some can even be tossed into a washing machine. Activated charcoal added to litter boxes can really help with the smell as can frequent cleanings.

Spring is a welcome sight so welcome it by banishing those winter smellies and let the sun shine in!