winterize your homeAlthough winter is nearing an end, there is more snow fall and ice to come. Because of this, it is important for renters to employ some basic home care practices. Failure to take some vital precautions is a sure-fire way to experience unwanted complications along the road — something nobody wants. Everything from unsealed windows to under-the-sink pipes have all the ingredients for disaster. The solution? Take some basic steps to protect your home, so it is protected through the coldest of days.

Winter Home Care Tips:

Furnace/Fireplace Inspection

Nothing says wintertime like cozying up around the fireplace or kicking up the thermostat and nestling in your rental property’s living room nook. Although these crucial heating elements serve to keep your home warm, these entities pose a serious threat if they are not inspected by a professional who can make sure they are in safe, working condition.

Things to check for:

1. Is the fireplace opening and closing properly?

2. Is the fireplace clean, free of soot and other buildup?

3. Is my furnace free of any Carbon Monoxide leaks?

4. Is the furnace performing at optimal efficiency? Things like furnace filters should be regularly switched on a monthly basis.

Frozen Pipes

When it comes to winter home care tips, the prevention of frozen pipes should be a priority on your to-do list. Unsure what measures should be taken?

1. Look for cracks in the exterior walls of your rental home. If you find cracks in the vicinity of pipes, seal gaps in an effort to better protect pipes from extremely cold temperatures, which may otherwise result in burst or frozen pipes.

2. Open any under-the-sink cabinets that house pipes. Why? This enables warmer air to flow inside this area, reducing your chances for frozen pipes.

3. Drip, drip, drip. Leaving faucets running with pipes in cooler areas of the home is a way to alleviate any built-up pressure within expanded pipes that may be susceptible to bursting. As you care for your rental home in the winter, do not skimp on the little things — they could make a big difference in the long run.

Purchase the Essentials

Looking for additional ways to care for your home in the winter? A bucket of ice melt and a good shovel will serve you well throughout winter. When it freezes outside, be sure to keep your walkway and stairs well shoveled. Additionally, the installation of a Carbon Monoxide and fire alarm are absolute musts. When the candles are burning and the furnace is in full force, both of these detectors have the potential to protect you and your rental home from danger.

Protect Your Rental Home Today

If you have not already winterized your rental home, it is not too late. By employing these basic home care precautions, you can rest assured you will be safe and cozy all winter long.

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