Spring shouldn’t be the only season for deep cleaning your rental property. Fall is a great time to get tasks marked off your house cleaning checklist. Before the full hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes hold, you should take the time to tidy the inside of your rental home — especially if you plan to host guests for Thanksgiving or winter holidays!

What should your fall house cleaning checklist include? We’ve compiled a list of tasks that you can easily complete this autumn before you settle in for winter.

Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters

When it comes to tackling your fall house cleaning checklist, be sure to start with the rooms in your rental that are most visible to you and your guests — your living room, family room, entryway, and dining room should take precedence, then your kitchen, bathroom, guest bedroom, and so forth.

A house cleaning checklist shouldn’t just be part of a last-ditch effort to get back your security deposit. Get your rental home back in tip-top shape before winter by following this house cleaning checklist.

Wash Your Windows

First up on your house cleaning checklist? The windows. Vacuum your drapes, curtains, and blinds to eliminate dust buildup. Next, wash the interior windows to get rid of smudges. Finish up this part of your house cleaning checklist by scrubbing your window sills and wells.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Continue the house cleaning checklist by targeting your floors. If you have carpet, schedule a professional cleaning to freshen things up. If you have tile or hardwood floors, a broom and a mop will work well — just be sure that you use chemicals that are approved for use on those surfaces. Also vacuum your baseboards and the corners of each room — then you can mark this task off your rental house cleaning checklist!

Face the Furniture

Cleaning your furniture is also part of your fall house cleaning checklist. Vacuum your upholstered pieces and look into professional cleaning if necessary. Wood furniture should be dusted and polished. Be sure to move your furniture so that you can vacuum under and behind it, too. Your house cleaning checklist involves all nooks and crannies!

Beautify the Bedroom

The house cleaning checklist migrates to the bedroom next. Be sure to complete all the above tasks — washing windows, cleaning the floor, and dusting or cleaning furniture. Then, flip your mattress both front-to-back and end-to-end — this will equalize wear and make it more comfortable. Next, wash all bedding, including mattress pads, pillows, comforters, blankets, and sheets. Once you have a freshly-made bed, the bedroom portion of your house cleaning checklist is done!

Quick Kitchen Clean-UpKansas City | Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Renters

During the holidays, your kitchen will take center stage — and your house cleaning checklist should reflect this. Get ready for holiday cooking by cleaning and organizing your cabinets. Purge any items that are no longer needed and categorize like cooking items together to make clean-up a cinch. The pantry is part of your house cleaning checklist: pitch expired foods, group items — including those ingredients you’ll use in holiday meals — and make a list of any groceries you need to purchase. Give your floors a good cleaning, and clear off your counters to do the same. Be sure to clean your oven, too, since it will be needed to bake holiday treats! The last kitchen item on your house cleaning checklist is pulling your fridge out to vacuum under and behind it, as well as clean its coils.

Assess Your Appliances

The last item on your house cleaning checklist is inspecting your appliances. Take note of ones that need repairs, and buy any necessary supplies now, before the weather turns foul. Here are the appliances to focus on:

  • Vacuum: Clean out your vacuum (it should be full from the other items on your house cleaning checklist!) and stock up on bags.

  • Washer & Dryer: Check your washer hoses for bulging, splitting, or cracking. Be sure to replace them every other year. Also inspect your dryer’s exhaust tube and vent — built-up lint, debris, and even birds’ nests can cause blockages.

  • Furnace: This item on your house cleaning checklist might already be done for you! Contact your landlord or property management group to see if they have conducted heating system maintenance recently. If not, ask about scheduling a fall furnace inspection to ensure that your unit will function well once cold settles in. Also purchase extra furnace filters now, and be sure to change them on a monthly basis to get maximum energy efficiency and comfort!

Once winter hits, you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors — especially if you live in a chilly region like Kansas City. By working on your house cleaning checklist now, you’ll ensure that you can relax this winter without worrying about a mess. Get a jump on your spring cleaning by tackling our house cleaning checklist today!

For more tips on keeping your rental property in great shape or to find a beautiful Kansas City rental, contact National Property Management Group!