If you’re a property manager you know how busy you are. Your many hats include marketing, maintenance, renting, contracts, showing, cleaning, hand-holding, eating in the car and getting Taco Bell stains out of your new pants. Thankfully in the wonderful world of smartphones there are lots of applications available to keep you from losing your mind completely.

Photo of mobile screen showing applications like Evernote and Dropbox

Photo of mobile screen showing applications like Evernote and Dropbox


This app will get you real estate & home values on nearly all US homes which is fabulous! You can locate homes and apartments for sale or for rent. A dreamy tool to make your life easier. Cost: Free

For: Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry


Evernote is the kind of app that makes you happy to be alive. You can take and upload pictures of property, take notes, create individual notebooks for each property you manage, and just plain keep yourself organized. The latest update for Android is particularly nifty. Cost: Free

For: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry

My Measures 

Another dreamy app this one allows you to take a picture of your unit and then add arrows, angles and text. You can then send your pictures with the marked dimensions to renters right from your phone or tablet. Cost: $5.99

For: Android, iPhone, iPad

360 Panorama

This app turns your device into a 360 degree camera. Renters and homebuyers are more and more used to seeing 360 degree views and now you can take them yourself whenever you’d like. Cost: .99 cents

For: Android, iPhone, iPad


Think of Dropbox as a giant storage unit in the sky. Upload your photos and any other docs from your smartphone and then access them on your computer or any other connected device. Cost: Free

For: Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry

Plus One:

Bubble Harp

No, this isn’t the real estate bubble. Bubble Harp draws bubbles around your fingertips, recording and replaying your movements while creating music. It’s a combination of drawing, animation, music, art, geometry, and gaming. A great way to relax in between all the things you deal with. Cost: $1.99

For: iPhone and iPad

There’s no denying that smartphones have made the lives of property managers a little bit easier. Hopefully you’ll find an app or two here that you can use to keep your workday a bit more organized. National Property Management Group specializes in homeowners who find themselves needing to rent their homes. Our unique approach will set your mind at ease since you never really planned on being a landlord.