If you’re a homeowner who’s considering renting your home you might think twice about doing it yourself. Being your own landlord isn’t normally a good idea unless you have previous experience. Consider a few things before you embark on your new career as a property manager:

A agent or a landlord handing over the keys to the tenantCan you respond to a call at 3am about a leaky bathroom sink?

Do you know who to call at 3am about a leaky roof?

Can you fix a backed you drain yourself at 3am?

Do you want to fix anything at 3am?

These are just a few reasons why considering using a property management company might just be your best decision. A property manager is a professional who is very experienced in the kinds of maintenance disasters that happen at 3am. They’re also available to show property, negotiate a lease, or deal with a tenant that may not be the ideal person to live in your home. Property managers are responsible for keeping owners and tenants satisfied with the condition of the property that they own and/or rent. The manager works for the owner but also responds to the needs of the tenant.

One of the most important qualities of a property manager is that they aren’t emotionally tied to your home. You may think of renting your home as similar to finding a new home for a pet. It’s personal to you, you want someone to love your home like you do and perhaps even have the same personal tastes as you do. You want them to appreciate your property and care for it the way that you care for it. A property manager won’t have the same attachments so can make decisions based on experience and knowledge.

A property manager will also have experience tackling the less than pleasant situations that often arise such as late rent, property damage, unkempt yards or disagreements with neighbors. Property managers know the law and how it applies to the tenant/landlord relationship and can act accordingly. And while these situations are rare with prescreened qualified tenants, a property manager is a your best representative in any conflict.

The property managers who represent the Rent KC Now Management Group are veterans in all aspects of property management from the best way to show a property to conducting a thorough screening of potential tenants. We take the pressure from your shoulders. If you find you need to rent your home so, you can feel secure knowing hat your property is well maintained and secure. Call us today to learn more about how the Rent KC Now Management Group can help.