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When it’s time to show your Kansas City rental property to prospective tenants, make sure you have everything in place that will attract the best possible tenants and the highest rents. 

As tenants begin to inquire about showings, you can be sure that your marketing has done its job. Your listing and photos attracted tenants to your home. They want to see it. 

While you prepare for your showing, remember that it’s meant to establish a connection with prospective tenants. This is your opportunity to show them where they could be living, and to reach them on an emotional level. 

From the listing and any communication with you, they know the home’s square footage, number of bedrooms, and rental amount. When they arrive for an in-person showing, they want to imagine themselves moving right in.  

Here are some home showing tips that will help you get your property quickly rented to fantastic residents. 

Make Showings Convenient for Kansas City Tenants 

It’s unlikely you’ll schedule every showing for business hours. Tenants work too, and they’re likely going to see properties outside of their own scheduled work day. Plan to schedule showings for evenings and weekends. 

You’ll need to be flexible. If your schedule does not allow you to accommodate the schedules of people who want to see the property, consider self-showing technology. As you consider how and when you’re going to show your property, should you provide in-person showings or virtual showings? 

  • In-Person Kansas City Rental Property Showings 

In-person showings are ideal because they allow you to meet with prospective tenants and talk to them. You can do a bit of pre-screening. You can see if they take good care of their car. You can answer any questions they have about the property, the rent you’re charging, and the qualifications that will be needed to be approved. 

The downside is that scheduling can be difficult. You may not be available when your tenants are available. Or, you may find yourself wasting time when tenants don’t show up. It’s frustrating, and it can take longer to get through showings and find a tenant.

  • Self-Showings for Kansas City Tenants 

Thanks to technology, there are a number of self-showing platforms, keys, and apps that can help you show your prospective tenants your rental home without being there yourself. You can use a digital keypad where they input a code. You can use a lockbox where a security pin unlocks the box and provides a key. You can even have tenants open the door by a secure app. 

You’ll need to invest in this technology, and it isn’t cheap. However, it can save you time and cut down on those missed appointments. It may move the entire leasing process along faster and more efficiently. 

You don’t have to choose one showing type or another. Why not offer both and see what works out best for your prospective tenants?

Only Show Rent-Ready Kansas City Properties

You need to make sure your property is clean and everything is working. If you haven’t installed a new refrigerator yet, don’t schedule anyone to see the home until the appliance is in place. 

Tenants need to feel like they can move right in. Everything should be freshly painted and scrubbed. The floors should be in perfect condition. The landscaping should be great – think about curb appeal. 

Your prospective tenants will notice if lights don’t turn on and the ceiling fans are dusty. They’ll have a hard time looking past a dirty home or carpets. 

Go through the property before you begin to market it and make sure everything is working as it should. Make any updates or improvements that will provide an aesthetic benefit for very little money. 

Once all the work is done, have the home professionally cleaned. Keep up with the cleaning if your vacancy drags on for longer than you expected. 

Remember the Emotional Connection You’re Trying to Make

As we said, this needs to be an emotional moment for your prospective tenants. They need to feel like they are walking into their next home. You’ll need to hit every one of their senses, so:

  • Make sure there’s enough lighting. Natural light is great, but keep all the overhead lights on, too. 
  • Pay attention to how the property smells. It should not smell musty, dirty, or old. Turn on the air conditioning if it’s summertime, and have the heat on in the winter. Consider some scented candles or more subtle plug-in air fresheners or scented hvac filters. You don’t want to overdo it; some people may have sensitivities. But, you want things to smell pleasant.
  • You might want to have some light music playing during the walk-throughs and showings. Something acoustic or classical will help those tenants relax as they move from room to room. 
  • Encourage tenants to touch and test things out. Let them open closet doors and put bare feet on the new carpet. 

All of these details will contribute to a pleasant showing for you and your potential tenants. It also prevents them from distractions so they can focus on the property and what it offers. 

Offer Application Information 

Rental MarketThe rental market is competitive in Kansas City, and properties are moving quickly. Tenants know this, and they won’t want to waste any time, especially if they really like your home. Make sure you can facilitate the next steps. 

You don’t want good Kansas City tenants to miss out on the opportunity to rent your property. If you’re there in person showing the property, provide all the information that they need and answer any questions. Invite them to complete an application and give them instructions on how to do so. 

If you’re not there in person, follow up by text or phone call after the prospective tenant sees the home. Offer to answer any questions or provide additional details, and then welcome them to complete an application. 

These are just a few suggestions we have for making your Kansas City rental property ready to show. If you’d like some specific recommendations based on your unique rental home and its location, please contact us at Key Partners Property Management. We’d be happy to help you have a successful showing.