Being a good tenant goes beyond paying rent. It means being a good neighbor. One of the concerns we hear from the homeowners whose property we manage is how their neighbors will react to a renter in their home. We put them at ease with the quality of the renters we find.

National Property Management Group has some tips on how to be a good neighbor:

-Neighbors are often wary of renters because they don’t know them or may not feel they’re invested in their neighborhood. So be sure to introduce yourself (and your family) at the earliest possible time.

-Let your new neighbors know that you consider yourself a part of this community and will behave like it. Attend neighborhood meetings and volunteer for any initiatives like neighborhood cleanup.

-Advise them if you have pets and how you’ll care for them. Neighborhoods frown on loose pets or pets that misbehave. Put your neighbors at ease before an incident arises.

-Be considerate. If you plan to entertain a large group let your neighbors know, you might even consider inviting them. If parking space is precious ask your guests to park on neighboring streets if possible.

-If you’re renting a house keep the yard and landscaping looking neat. Curb appeal is a source of pride in any neighborhood so do your part to keep it up.

At National Property Management Group we pride ourselves on the quality of our properties. If you find yourself relocating to the Kansas City Metro area we can find the perfect place for you to call home until you get acquainted with our beautiful city and decide to buy. If you’re tired of apartment living and simply want to rent a home while saving to buy we can also find a suitable and desirable place to hang your hat. Most of our properties accept pets (with the appropriate deposit) so you’re welcome to bring Fluffy, Fido or Spot. Call us today to see our properties, we’d be happy to show you around.