A photo of an energy efficient LED and a bulb kept together on a surfaceIt seems that the lighting industry has finally been able to produce a low-cost energy-efficient bulb to replace the traditional incandescent light bulb, which we have depending on for what seems like an eternity. Still priced higher than a traditional incandescent bulb, these new LED bulbs appear to be a wise choice for homeowners and property managers. According to IMS Research, LED light bulbs are projected to outsell incandescent bulbs in North America as soon as 2014. The Phillips LED, which was the first recipient of the L Prize® from U.S. DOE, has already been responsible for 20% of lighting sales last year.

Lighting Concerns for Property Managers

As property managers, lighting is something to take into consideration. It is important to recognize areas that are not well lit. This is not only a factor of visual appeal but also a security concern for many possible renters and the property managers who are showing the property to potential clients. It’s best to have well lit spaces but at some point the issue of energy costs always comes into play. This is where LED technology comes in.

Long Lasting Energy Efficient Lighting

The Phillips LED bulb is quickly becoming one of the more popular lighting solutions. It produces the equivalent of a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb while only using 10 watts of energy. The most attractive feature, which has gained much media attention, is that the bulb is designed to last 20 years running 4 hours a day. While the bulb originally priced at $50 a bulb, competition has already driven the price down to $25. This has made LED technology a great investment and is quickly attracting property managers and homeowners. Even if you leave the bulb running 8 hours a day, it’s still good for an entire decade. How many incandescent bulbs do you purchase then climb up a ladder to replace over the course of a decade? A lot because we all know incandescent bulbs simply are not made to last.

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