Searching for your first rental house can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Finding a house to rent is exciting — the opportunities for a fresh start in a new home are just around the corner.

We get to help people in the Kansas City area find home to rent every day. If you need help learning how to rent a house, we have the answers you need. These simple steps will guide you through renting a house in the Kansas City metro to rent a house

How to Rent a House

1. Decide where you want to rent a house

What area of Kansas City do you want to call home? You may want a home that’s close to your office downtown. If you aren’t attached to a specific community in the metro area yet, you’ll want to check out neighborhoods.

Exploring the Kansas City area is fun — you’ll discover new nooks and crannies of the city. We help people find houses throughout the entire Kansas City metro. Whether you’re looking in Overland Park, Leawood, or Liberty, we can help you find a place to call your own.

2. Decide what you want in a rental home

What are the most important features in your future rental house? Make a list of what you’re looking for, including number of bedrooms and bathrooms, appliances, and space requirements.

3. Check your credit score 

Your credit report affects the type of property you’ll be able to rent. Before you start applying to rent a house, check your credit report and make sure the details are right and there are no surprises there.

4. Budget

Take time to consider your current income and all expenses. Take a look at the living costs in the area you’re hoping to rent. When budgeting, factoring savings as well as your regular monthly expenses.

5. Apply to rent a house

There are some basic requirements set for renting a house. You’ll need to complete the initial application, complete a credit and background check, and verify a few documents. Applying is simple — you can complete the rental process online.

6. Look at home options

You’re ready to look at rental houses now. Take a look at the available options online and schedule a showing. Checking out the rental houses in person is the best way to get a feel for the neighborhood and how the house will work for you. To schedule a showing, just give us a call at (913) 766-2302

7. Ask Questions

Renting property is a big step. Asking the right questions helps you make sure it is a successful one. Here are some questions you shouldn’t forget to ask:

  • Is there a security deposit?
  • What appliances are included with the property?
  • How are utilities handled?
  • May I read the lease?
  • Who are the cable and internet providers in the area?
  • Can you tell me about the school districts?
  • How do you handle maintenance requests?

Ready to Rent?

When you’re ready to rent a house in the Kansas City area, call National Property Management Group at (913) 766-2302 for friendly service and a smooth process.