An animated image of a cold house smiling and a sun blazing aboveRising summer temperatures can quickly turn your comfy rental apartment into a sweatbox. Obviously, the first thing everybody does is run straight for the air conditioner. However, there are actually quite a few options available to renters to keep their rental homes cool in the summer. Here are some great renters tips to follow this summer.

UnPlugging Electronics

Many of the electronic items in our homes consume a great deal of electricity and produce heat when plugged in. Unplugging any unused electronics and appliances will lower your electric bill and keep your apartment cooler this summer. Modern flat panel TVs can be really bad about producing heat. A 42″ LCD TV left on all night in a small bedroom can easily raise the temperature by 5-10 degrees. Try to make a habit of unplugging or turning off electronics that are not in use.

Looking For Leaks

Cool air can escape your home or let the warm air in from gaps around your windows. Make sure that your rental is properly sealed up. Gaps beneath the doors leading outdoors are notorious for letting the outside air in. Using a simple draft stopper can solve this problem all year round.


Traditional incandescent bulbs can produce a great deal of heat. Try switching all your lamps to a compact fluorescent. These consume less energy, lowering your utility bill and help keep your rental cooler in the summer heat.

Decorating With Plants

Plants can actually help keep your apartment or rental home cooler. Use indoor plants to block the hot sun from coming through your windows. Plants are also a great way to create shade on items like air conditioners. An air conditioning unit in the shade will use less energy on hot summer days. Plants are also often used as a placebo to trick the mind into thinking it’s cooler than it really is.

Window Blinds & Insulated Curtains

There’s no reason to let light into your home when you’re at work all day. Make sure you keep the blinds closed and invest in a good set of curtains. Insulated curtains with a white or heat-reflective color that faces outdoors can be a great way to keep your home cooler in the summer.

Fans & Dehumidifiers

Summer heat is uncomfortable; humid summer heat is unbearable. It’s amazing how much cooler your home will feel by using a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air during summer months. Combine this with a few portable fans to help circulate the air around your home. Fans can also be used in open windows to pull the cool night air into your home. You should avoid using a dehumidifier at the same time as the air conditioning, as it will cause the AC unit to consume more energy.

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