How to Rent a Home-Style Property

Duplex and townhouse rentals are great options for individuals who want to live in a home-style property but are not ready to buy a home yet. Both of these types of properties are an affordable alternative to purchasing a home. Before you make this important decision, though, be sure to do your research. What makes a townhouse or a duplex so special? Both a townhouse and a duplex have a unique set of benefits that are specific to their property features.


So, just what is a duplex? Duplex house plans are typically comprised of two, separate sides — each side is usually a mirror image of the other. Sometimes you will have a whole neighborhood full of duplexes built together, and other times, you will find a street or two of them in a community. Occasionally, you will even find a single duplex in a neighborhood, but that is rare.

One of the biggest benefits of renting a duplex is that it provides an experience similar to living in a home, mainly a single-story or a two-story house. How is this “homey” feeling achieved? Most often, a duplex is located in a traditional neighborhood environment, creating an authentic home experience. In addition, some duplex properties have garages and backyards. If you are a family looking to rent a home, this is a great budget-friendly option, because you will get more space than an apartment, even if there are the same number of bedrooms.


What makes a townhouse special? A townhouse is usually built in a long row with other townhomes. There can be as few as three and up to as many as ten or fifteen townhouses in one structure. Townhouses are usually built in an independent neighborhood of their own, almost like an apartment complex. With townhomes for rent, you will get some outdoor space, as well as a balcony or porch. This is an especially nice feature, as it helps create more floor space in your townhouse.

Most townhomes for rent are also multi-level, at least two if not three or four stories. Some rentals have garages, but this is not always the case. Being that they are built in a neighborhood like an apartment complex, there are usually some amenities included with rent, such as pool and gym access, tennis court admittance, etc.

Rent a Townhouse or Duplex Today

Both a townhouse and a duplex are great rental options. If you are interested in eventually owning a home but can not make the transition just yet, renting either of these properties is a good solution. When you rent a duplex or townhouse, you will still acquire many of the benefits of owning a home without incurring all the costs and responsibilities that come with it.

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