Keeping up with the heat of a Kansas City summer can be a challenge for homeowners and renters alike. With multiple days in the triple digits it just seems like the air conditioning is always on but it never seems to cool down. Thankfully these days are numbered and eventually it will cool down. In the meantime we may just be forced to endure and keep up the cold beverages and ice cream. When you put it that way it sounds almost enjoyable doesn’t it?

Some things you can do to make the heat a bit more bearable and keep those utility bills under control:

A thermometer kept outside showing triple digit temperature during the summerAvoid generating heat. This simply means when it’s 100 degrees or more outside don’t pick mid-afternoon to bake a cake or roast a turkey. Dishwashers, dryers, even hair dryers will raise the temperature of any room so avoid using them during peak hours.

Use ceiling fans. They don’t actually lower the room temperature but they will circulate the air to keep a breeze going and this can make you feel cooler. Be sure the direction is switched so the air blows down into the room and not up.

Close your drapes and blinds. Especially if they face west. You might just have to adjust to a bit of dimness in the hottest part of the day. But you don’t need that glare anyway.

Get used to it. Sure this sounds harsh but you might just need to raise your thermostat. Having air conditioning doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear a sweater indoors.  Save that for the fall and a nice fire in the fireplace.                                        Keeping cool can be a hard with triple digit heat.

If it’s particularly humid your air conditioner will be working overtime to not only lower the room temperature but to take the moisture from the air and this can be a never ending battle. Unfortunately in order to keep a little comfort and still avoid an electric bill that equals your house or rent payment we may just need make some adjustments. But don’t worry, this too shall pass and then we’ll be smack in the middle of a KC winter!

National Property Management Group can’t make the temps go down but we can offer you the comfort of knowing that all of our properties are professionally maintained, that we’ll respond promptly to your needs, and that we’ll do our best to make renting from us a positive experience!