Spring is just around the corner. The warm breezes will sweep in before we realize it. Prepare your rental property for spring, just as you prepare your wardrobe for the new season.

There are a few maintenance tips that you might want to consider this spring that could save you money in the long run.


1. Don’t skip spring cleaning.

Many renters feel cramped and decide to move some of their extra stuff into a storage unit — either rented from the landlord or at a separate facility. Take time to donate unused belongings to charity each year to reduce your clutter and your temptation to rent a storage unit.

2. Check your AC’s air filters.

A dirty air filter can add up to 30% to your cooling costs.

3. Think about adding some plants to your window sills.

Whether you want to grow some herbs and spices or some decorative flowers, these plants will not only help improve your home’s appearance, but will also help keep your air fresh. This will cut back on your need to buy and run electric air purifiers.


1. Invest in heavier curtains.

Many renters rely on vertical blinds for privacy. They do the job, but still let a lot of heat in during the peak of the summer. Install energy-efficient curtains on your sun facing windows to cut your summer cooling costs.

2. Check for loose or leaky gutters.

Drainage problems can lead to leaks in the basement. Downspouts should point away from the foundation.

3. Prevent basement flooding and leaks.

Fill low areas in the yard near the foundation with compacted soil.

4. Examine roof shingles from the ground.

If there are missing shingles, make plans to replace and fix them.

Prepare Your Rental Property for Spring

These simple spring maintenance tips should help you refresh your rental property after the cold winter. Get your property ready for a bright, fresh spring.

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