Kansas City Property Management Advice: What if My Tenant is Not Paying Rent?

What do you do if your tenant is not paying rent, or they’re not paying rent on time?

Tenants are less likely to pay rent late when they are accountable to a professional Kansas City property manager. Property management companies in Kansas City and the metro area have procedures in place, and they enforce the terms of the lease. If you have a tenant who is not paying rent, you need to follow a consistent and reliable process to either get that rent paid or remove the tenant from your property.

Rent Collection

As an individual landlord, you may hesitate before calling a tenant when rent is late. It can be a difficult situation for you, and it’s hard to chase down rent when you’re busy with other things. For a property manager, rent collection is part of the job. You can expect your manager to discuss the lease agreement with your tenants before they move into your investment property. A big part of the lease is rent: where it should be paid, when it should be paid, and what the consequences are if it isn’t paid on time, regardless of how much you like a tenant. Your property manager can keep a professional distance and treat your property like a business. Policies will be followed.

Tenant Relationships

Before your tenants even move in, your property manager will create and develop a relationship that’s based on professionalism and respect. Communication is strong and constant, and every tenant is treated the same. As an independent owner, it’s easy to feel like you need to be friends with your tenants. With a management company, rent is more likely to come in on time because your tenants will have been professionally screened. They will understand what is expected and be held accountable.

Protecting Investment Properties: Eviction

Protecting Investment Properties in Olathe: EvictionWhen tenants simply cannot pay rent or refuse to pay it, you need to get them out of the home so you can find tenants who are able to pay. Whether you have a property manager or you’re self-managing, the first step is to serve a late rent notice. From there, you should talk to an eviction attorney so the process is followed legally and correctly. It’s easy to make a mistake when evicting a tenant, and this is best left to professionals.

If you have any questions about collecting late rent or evicting a nonpaying tenant, please contact us at Key Partners Property Management. We’d be happy to help you.