If you’re considering renting an duplex, condo, house or something in between there are some things to remember before, during and even after you start looking. National Property Management Group has compiled a list to help you make the most out of your rental experience.  After all, we love happy tenants and perhaps some day you might be one of them.

Tips For When You’re Looking For A Property To Rent

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Being prepared can make the renting experience a positive one.

Being prepared can make the renting experience a positive one.

Look during the middle of the month. Landlords or property management companies may be more willing to wiggle on rent, lease terms, or even pets if they see the first of the month looming with no tenant secured yet.

Have all pertinent paperwork prepared when you look at a property . If you see a property you really love having income verification, rental history details and references can put you at the head of the line.

Advice Before Your Sign A Lease

Read, read, read all parts of the lease. Your lease or rental agreement may have a line or two that you’re not comfortable with. This can even include entertaining, working from home or if you can hammer a nail into a wall. Ask questions and if any changes or allowances are made have them added into the rental agreement.

What To Remember When You’re Renting

Get renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance is an inexpensive way to protect your property.  Some renter’s insurance will even cover lawsuits in the case of injury to someone while they’re at your home. Make a list of all property you consider valuable and keep that list along with photos in a safe place.

Expect repairs at a reasonable time.  If your apartment or home needs repairs don’t hesitate to contact your landlord. If your rental unit isn’t kept in a livable condition you have several options including stopping rent payments, performing the repairs yourself and deducting the cost or even calling the health department or housing authority.

Hopefully to avoid the above confrontation with your landlord our next tip involves developing a positive relationship with him or your property management company. This includes paying your rent on time, being pleasant when you encounter them, and avoid being confrontational if you have an issue. A good relationship may also mean a few extras here and there such as new coat of paint, new fixtures or even a new pet.

Write it down. Any amendment in your rental agreement should always be in writing. I once heard of dispute involving a tenant who wanted to paint the interior of her apartment. Someone in the management office agreed to the colors and then promptly found another job. When the time came to move out the tenant’s deposit was withheld to pay for repainting the condo. She had neglected to get the agreement in writing. Don’t let this be you.  Also, don’t forget the homeowner makes the final decisions, not the management company, so there are times when the management company cannot give you what you want.

These are just a few tips to make your rental experience a positive one. At National Property Management Group we pride ourselves on developing a congenial relationship with all of our tenants. We think of them as partners along with our property owners and together we create relationships that are beneficial to all. If you’re looking for an upscale property to call home for a while don’t hesitate to call us.