A agent or a landlord handing over the keys to the tenantHaving a great relationship with your tenants is a blessing. You want good tenants living in your rental properties and your tenant wants a landlord who cares about them. Here are some of the top tips for landlords to help find great tenants and what to do when you get one who doesn’t turn out like you thought they would.

Top Tips For Landlords

Always Screen Potential Tenants
You should never rent a property to somebody that you know absolutely nothing about. Perform a credit check, background check and follow up by contacting their references.

Get Everything In Writing
Everything should be documented in writing. Always use a written lease or monthly agreement that documents all the elements of your landlord / tenant relationship. Detail how complaints are handled, landlord and tenant responsibilities, notice requirements and so on.

Handling Security Deposits
To avoid potential disputes over security deposits, make sure that the condition of the property is thoroughly documented before the tenant moves in.

Protect Your Investment
When the tenant notifies you or complains about repair issues, handle them promptly. This is not simply a means of building your relationship with the tenants. This is your property and your investment. Protect it by making sure repairs are handled promptly.

Resolve Disputes Peacefully
If you have issues with a tenant over repairs, rent payment, noise complaints, your access to the unit or any other issues that does not immediately warrant an eviction notice, try to set an appointment to resolve the issue informally. Many disputes with tenants can be resolved without the need for lawyers and lawsuits. If your attempts to resolve the issue fail due to the tenants refusal to cooperate, contact a lawyer.

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