Closet Organization Tips:

If you need to create more space in your home, bedroom closet organization is a good place to start. Utilized to its fullest potential, these closets can act as great storage centers for a plethora of items. Despite popular belief, bedroom closets do not need to be restricted to clothing storage. With some closet organization strategies in place, your bedroom closet can house a number of other items, creating more living space in your home.

Closet Organization Tip #1 – Plan Top to BottomPhoto of an organized closet

To fully utilize your closet space, you need to thoughtfully plan where you will place the items you want to store. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you put the least-used items in upper storage areas, as you will not need to access them as much. When it comes to finding space for frequently used items in your closet, you will want to place them in lower, easy-to-reach areas. Although this might sound pretty straightforward, you may be surprised to learn how many homeowners do not follow these guidelines.

Closet Organization Tip #2 – Replace Closet Door

In an effort to help an otherwise small space become slightly larger, replace a traditional door with a fabric curtain, tapestry, or other flexible material. Doing so will allow you to store bulkier items that may not fit within the confines of a traditional closet space. Removing a normal door will not only enable obscurely shaped items to fit in your closet, it will help create a more attractive space, too. After all, a colorful tapestry or curtain is an easy way to add life to a dull bedroom.

Closet Organization Tip #3 – Roll Clothing

When clothing items do not need to be hung, you should roll them and place them in drawers. Something as simple as rolling rather than folding clothing can save a significant amount of space in the long run, creating less of a need for more storage units. It’s simple. The less space you need for clothing, the more space you will have for other items.

Closet Organization Tip #4 – Rearrange Things Seasonally

In addition to rolling your clothing, you will also want to rearrange it seasonally. This means when you make the transition from warmer to colder seasons, warm-weather clothes should be removed from hangers and drawers and placed in under-the-bed storage units or even tubs in a spare bedroom. Only storing in-season clothing in your closet is a simple way to create more space and stay organized.

Closet Organization Tip #5 – Get a Shoe Hanger

When stored on the floor, shoes can eat up a lot of floor space. So, rather than store shoes on the floor of your closet, opt for a shoe hanger that hooks to the back of a door or wall. And if you don’t completely fill up every shoe slot, use empty spaces for additional sock or knick knack storage.

Closet Organization Tip #6 – Install a Utility Hanger

Bedroom closets can be the perfect place to store light housekeeping tools like a broom and dustpan or a mop. If you have the space, special utility hangers can be purchased or even made at home. Installing one of these solutions can help you manage these otherwise bulky items, creating more floor space for a nice, polished look.

Begin Closet Organization Today!

Closet organization can be tricky if you don’t know some tricks of the trade. With your newfound knowledge, keeping this space clean and tidy should be easier than ever. As a homeowner or renter, you know it is the little things that can make all of the difference. Opening up more living space with good closet organization practices is a simple but effective way to make your home more comfortable. Wait no longer —  begin your closet organization project today!

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