At National Property Management Group we specialize in managing homes for people who find themselves with property to rent. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of waiting out the housing market to get a better price when they decide to sell. Depending on the area of the United States housing prices have hit 40-year lows and the boom just hasn’t happened yet.

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Don’t want to be your own landlord? Call National Property Management Group

Consumer spending is also down and caution seems to be the word of the day. A good sign is that automobile spending is up about 15% and the housing market is still promoting low interest rates.

But in the meantime many homeowners are trying to wait it out. This can mean trying to be landlord while also working full time jobs. Because of job relocation some are even in markets outside of where their homes are located. It can be extremely difficult to be a first time landlord in this circumstance.

This is where a property management company can come in and in some cases literally keep a homeowner from losing their home. A property manager takes care of all the things that a property owner may not have time for.

Such as:

  • Advertising and marketing-a good property manager will know where and how to reach prospective tenants.
  • Screening-renting a property is so much more than just finding a person to live in a home. A property management company will carefully screen tenants to find the best renters through background and financial checks and references.
  • Managing-maintenance calls invariably come in at 3AM, on holidays and on the coldest/hottest days of the year. A property manager’s job is to deal with them.
  • Dealing-when a tenant turns out to be less than ideal a property management company knows exactly how to confront the situation. Whether it’s a simple sit down meeting or even an eviction they can handle it.

If you own property in Kansas City or Miami and you just don’t want to be a landlord call us at National Property Management Group.  We’re your best choice to maintain and manage your property until the time is right for you to sell.