If you’ve found yourself a newly minted landlord because you’re waiting for the market to rebound before you sell or perhaps you’ve inherited a home from a relative, you might think it’s a snap to find a qualified renter. After all, you have an upscale home in a desirable neighborhood, and assume that finding a qualified tenant much like yourself will be a breeze. And is just might.

And it might not.

Two people talking on a table with sheets in front of themFinding a good, trustworthy tenant is something of a talent. There are secrets that property management companies use to attract the best possible tenant that you may not be aware of.

They know where to advertise. A property management company knows just what the right renter reads, where they shop, where they stop for coffee and what websites they visit. That’s why property management companies are expert marketers.

They know how to screen candidates to find dependable, qualified tenants. They are up to speed on what they can and cannot ask to avoid any perception of discrimination. What you can’t ask goes beyond race, gender or religion and a good property manager will know just where that line is.  They can also conduct reference checks the right way to uncover any discrepancies or inaccuracies in an interview.

They have the time to spend with prospective renters. Property managers aren’t trying to rent houses after a full day of work; this is their work. They have the time to show property to multiple applicants, screen those applicants and attend to the needs of tenants.

There are some people that excel at being their own landlords; they’re the time management miracles we all envy. But if you find yourself with property to rent but no time (or desire) to be a property manager consider a property management company. National Property Management Group is Kansas City’s best choice in management of private home rental. We understand the specialized group of homeowners who want to rent their homes to responsible tenants who will also make great neighbors. So call us for all the details and reclaim your time.