What makes a home attractive to a renter? Renters are discriminating about where they live so if your property has desirable features you’ll probably rent it sooner than property that doesn’t.

-General curb appeal. What a property looks like as a prospective tenant drives up is a big factor in their decision. So pay attention to landscaping, cleanliness of the exterior and even security features such as motion lights and good doors and windows.

-Inside appearance. How up-to-date your property appears is also important. Fresh paint in an attractive but neutral palette, light fixtures that aren’t from decades past and especially bathrooms and kitchens that are attractive will go a long way towards pleasing a renter.

-A little leeway. Allowing your tenants a little bit of freedom when it comes to decorating will please any fan of HGTV. Discussing this upfront will give a new tenant the feeling of being able to influence their environment and everyone likes that idea.A photo of attractive and well organized kitchen

-New or nearly new appliances. No one will find appliances that are mismatched, outdated, or (ick) grimy and dirty a reason to move in. That goes for washing machines and dryers if they’re included.

-Storage. Everyone needs a place to put their stuff and renters are not different. Adequate kitchen and bathroom storage is especially attractive.

-Washer and dryer. This is very important to upscale tenants who don’t want to have to take multiple bags of laundry to a Laundromat.                                              An attractive kitchen will bring the tenants running.

-Location. If you have multiple amenities nearby such as schools, grocery or restaurants make sure your prospective tenants are aware of it. Having good resources close to your home will positively influence how quickly you rent your property.

Making your property attractive to new tenants doesn’t have to be difficult. Making renovations can be done economically to ensure that your rental home is always occupied. If you need to rent your home, but don’t want to be a landlord ,(and it does take some skills as well as time) call National Property Management Group. We specialize in managing the property of homeowners who need good tenants. NPM can handle marketing, screening tenants as well as property maintenance, so you won’t have to.