Most homeowners take pride in their homes and want them to look great both inside and out. The same can be said for homeowners who want to rent their properties. An appealing home will attract the best tenants and demand top dollar so turn up your sleeves and get going.

Here are a few home improvements that won’t break the bank (or your back).

A person raking the leaves fallen out of the yard

Spruce up your home and the renters will come running.

-Get your yard in shape. The past summer was pretty awful in most of the US and our poor lawns and landscapes really show it. Clear away dead shrubbery and put down a fresh layer of mulch. Have trees pruned to clean them up and prevent storms from bringing branches down.

-If you really want to dress up your home’s entrance consider a new front and/or storm door.  They will have instant impact and even increase your home’s security. Add decorative elements near the entrance like a bench or statuary. Avoid plants that will need to be watered if the home isn’t occupied.

-Thoroughly wash your exterior, porch, sidewalks and driveway. Rent a power washer and do it right.

-Walk around your home’s interior and take note of walls and trim. Depending on the age of your home you may be able to simply give them a good scrubbing (hint: Magic Erasers really are magic) to brighten up. A touch of paint wouldn’t hurt either if there are stains that just won’t leave.

Refresh bathrooms and kitchens. Even small things count like new light fixtures and hardware on doors and cabinets. New countertops are great but not necessary unless they’re badly damaged or outdated. Even then a resurfacing company can swoop in and refinish your existing countertops.

These tips can get you up and running if you want to perk up your home to rent. And when your property is just glowing and tenants are fighting over your home you might just want to call a property management company like National Property Management Group. We’ll take good care of your property, select only the best tenants, and keep them happy. Because not everyone wants to be a landlord.