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What exactly do professional property managers in Kansas City do?

When you work with Key Partners Property Management in the Kansas City Metro area, you know you’re getting experience, integrity, and results. But many people wonder what exactly a professional manager can do for you. Today, we’re sharing some of the things you can expect when you hire a property management company.

Marketing, Screening, and Leasing

Most owners and landlords want their investment properties to make money. In order to keep the rental income flowing, you need to get your property rented as quickly as possible to the highest qualified tenants. A good property manager will reduce your vacancy time by ensuring your home is ready for the rental market, priced properly, and available for showings. You’ll get a marketing plan with an online advertising focus, thorough tenant screening, and a legally compliant and enforceable lease. Property managers know how to collect and hold security deposits, and they will conduct a move-in inspection to document the condition of the property before the tenants become responsible for it.

Property Management Companies Kansas City and Maintenance

Whether it’s an emergency plumbing leak in the middle of the night or a scheduled cleaning of the HVAC system, your property manager will take care of all the maintenance and repair needs at your rental property. You’ll have access to a list of licensed and insured vendors who are professionals in their fields and affordable. Attention to maintenance provides several benefits. It keeps your tenants happy and willing to renew their leases when repairs are taken care of right away. Timely maintenance also preserves the condition of your asset.

Rent Collection, Financial Reporting, and Legal Compliance

The day to day management of your rental property can include solving tenant disputes, working with HOAs, conducting inspections, or planning for tenant turnover periods. Rent collection happens on a regular basis, and a good property manager will utilize available technology to ensure your money is collected and paid on time. There should be an online system so tenants can pay online and those proceeds can be deposited directly into your account. You should receive a monthly statement that reflects all the income and expenses related to your property. Finally, a skilled property manager will stay on top of all the ever-changing landlord and tenant laws, as well as fair housing laws.

A photo of a person's hand holding bunch of keysThese are just a few things that property managers in Kansas City will do for you. There’s a lot more that goes into protecting your property and helping it to perform at its best. If you would like to hear more about KC property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Key Partners Property Management.