Are you calling Kansas City home (in a rental property)? Neighborhoods throughout the KC metro are dotted with rental homes and properties. There are rental properties in the Northland, downtown, in Overland Park, and in the spaces between.

If you’ve just moved into a rental property in the Kansas City metro, you are probably meeting new neighbors. If you’ve been renting a home for months or years already, there’s a good chance that you’ve met your neighbors and even started friendships.moving renting home

To help you feel like a local in Kansas City, you have to start close to home. Having good relationships with your neighbors is the best way to start feeling at home in the city. You can feel at home in our city by being a good neighbor. Below are a few simple tips for keeping good relations with the neighbors around your rental property.

Easy Ways to be a Good Neighbor While Renting a Home

1. Say “hello”

You don’t have to strike up a lengthy discussion every time you pass a neighbor, but a quick “good morning” goes a long way and prevents people from thinking that you are rude or unfriendly.

2. Return favors

If a neighbor shovels your sidewalk, thank them and offer to return the favor in some way. Then, follow through. Offer to check their mail while they’re away.

3. Don’t overstay your welcome

No one appreciates a guest who overstays their welcome. If you do hit it off with a neighbor, be aware of your limits. Show appreciation when they welcome you into their home, but be polite enough to know when you should show yourself to the door.

4. Offer a warm welcome

When you began renting a home and moved in, you probably were on the lookout for friendly faces. So, show that hospitality to any newcomers. Bring them homemade cookies, a short note or invite them over. You might share important numbers or advice for the best place to order chinese nearby.

Being a good neighbor is simple. You never know how a neighbor can come in handy while you’re renting a home in the Kansas City metro. If you’d like to learn more about the great neighborhoods and rental properties in our area, give us a call at (913) 766-2302.