lawn careAs the snow melts away and the first snow bells of the season begin to bud, it’s time for property owners to start thinking about lawn care. That’s right, being a good property owner, means revamping your lawn as it’s needed each spring. Winter can be hard on a yard, but in a few simple steps, you can give your rental property’s lawn the makeover it deserves. Ready to get started? Grab your gardening gloves and tune in!

Spring Into Warm Weather With a Revamped Lawn.

Pops of Color

A lush, green spread of grass looks great, but do you know what gives your home even more curb appeal? Nice splashes of color throughout the front yard. By planting spring flowers — think tulips and daffodils —  and summer varieties like petunias, your rental property’s lawn is sure to provide a bright spot on the block.

More Depth

In addition to filling your landscape with colorful flowerbeds, consider the inclusion of additions like trees and shrubs. Shrubs in particular can give an otherwise sparse, one-dimensional yard a more polished, upscale look. The key to maintaining this plant life? Keeping shrubs well-manicured and trees pruned are absolute musts when it comes to spring lawn care. Additionally, the creation of a regular weed and feed program is tremendously helpful in long-term lawn care.

Water Feature

Something as simple as placing a small fountain in the nook of a lawn or garden can completely transform the appearance of your home. Complemented by decorative rocks and outdoor seating, your rental property can become a zen escape when you take the time to add a water feature to the garden.

How We Can Help

Lawn care doesn’t have to be all mowing and watering. While these should be staples in every lawn care regimen, property owners should remember to have fun sprucing up their rental properties each spring. This spring you can take care of the fun stuff like giving your lawn a makeover, while our property management company handles the less exciting but equally important things like rental property management.

To learn how we can help satisfy your rental property needs, call (913) 766-2302.