A photo of a spacious house.Key Partners Property Manageme can provide property management for properties like this.When people look for rental property, they normally have a list of specifics they’re looking for. However, these lists can be pretty generic. I want a big living room, access to a gym and for the apartment to be close to work. They often overlook the finer details that can quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Cell Phone Signal

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to make a call and not having a strong signal or no signal at all. Do you want this to happen in your new home? While taking the tour, get out your phone and check the signal in every room, including the bathroom.

Taking Measurements

Will all your stuff actually fit? People can be horrible at estimating size when looking at rental property. The bedroom looks nice and spacious but will your queen size bed really fit? You need to take measurements to find out. Buying a tape measure is a lot cheaper than replacing your entire bedroom set. Pay attention to any unusual molding, nooks and so on. You should also be paying attention to where the vents are located because you don’t want to block them with furniture.

Water Pressure

When looking at homes for rent, we all peek in the bathroom and that’s about it. Before you walk to the next room stop and check the water pressure. Does it trickle out of the shower head? Does the water take forever to warm up? What happens when you flush the toilet? Don’t forget to check the water pressure in the kitchen too.

Noise Pollution

When you fall in love with a place right away, it’s harder to focus on looking for signs of trouble. You’re excited. You’re already envisioning yourself living there. The last thing on your mind is to try and talk yourself out of it. Stop and listen for noisy neighbors, generators, traffic and so on. Inspect the neighborhood for signs of potential noise pollution. In my college years, I rented an apartment in Kansas City without noticing there was an ambulance dispatch across the street. Don’t make the same mistake.

Ask About Extra Costs

Think about where you will be parking your car. Will you have your own private parking space? What happens when when you come home and all the spots are taken? Does it cost money to park at a nearby garage, paid lot or on the street? What about the fancy gym you were shown during the tour. Is there an extra fee to use it and will that give you 24/7 access? Before signing the lease, make sure you understand all the costs that come with renting your new home.