Why You Can Trust Key Partners for Kansas City Property Management

Perhaps you want to trust a Kansas city property management team with your rental property, but you’re overwhelmed by the number of property management choices in Kansas City. It’s important to find professional managers who have the experience, reputation, and knowledge to help you succeed with your investments. Today, we’re sharing just a few reasons to trust your Kansas city property management experience with Key Partners Property Management.

Expert Leasing

Our team has experience managing all aspects of your property. It starts with tenant placement. We take the time to locate and screen high quality tenants so we know exactly who we’re renting to. Our intense internet marketing efforts result in a lot of tenant competition, and our screening system works. We have found that 99 percent of our tenants pay their rent on time and take care of the property. Nearly all of the people we rent to get their full security deposit back at the end of their lease.

We also know the local market, which helps us price your property correctly. You might talk to a property management company that tries to win your business by promising unreasonably high rents. However, vacancy will be your biggest cost, and our goal is to rent your property quickly to high quality tenants. We use a lease that we have been improving for the last 15 years. It covers every scenario we have encountered, and it’s written to protect our owners.

Thorough Care of Maintenance and Tenants

We understand and stay up to date with the landlord tenant laws, and we immediately fix anything that affects a property’s habitability. We also know the difference between necessary maintenance and purely cosmetic fixes that the tenant wants. Our tenant relationships are professional and respectful. Over 70 percent of our tenants renew their leases, saving you vacancy and turnover costs, and protecting your home from wear and tear.

Landlords hate spending money on maintenance, and we understand that. We watch every dollar, and we always notify you before we generate a work order. You won’t have any surprises when you get your rent and accounting statement. We also educate tenants on how to make small repairs themselves. It’s a lot cheaper to walk a tenant through resetting a garbage disposal than it is to send over a plumber. The vendors we work with are dependable, insured, and affordable. They are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We don’t have our own in-house maintenance team because we don’t want to make money off your repair needs.

Outstanding Service and Communication

Our accounting procedures are detailed and transparent. We collect and disperse rent electronically, and you’ll have access to your online account 24/7. There, you can see when rent comes in, what’s owed on invoices, and how much you can expect to receive. We’ll send you the rent as soon as it clears. There’s no waiting.

We believe in great customer service and communication. All messages will be responded to within 24 hours. Our reputation is important to us, and we’re highly reviewed by owners and landlords. Sometimes, a tenant will complain about us, but that’s just because we’re working hard to protect your property and your interests. We have great relationships in the community, and we work with the Human Resources departments of major companies like Sprint, GM, Garmin, as well as various hospitals, colleges, and banks to place employees who are moving into the area for work. We also find tenants for you through relocation companies, Realtors, and other business contacts such as insurance companies.

A man and a woman walking together wearing suitsFor over 10 years, we’ve been delivering high quality property management in the Kansas City area. Our goal is to help you earn more and spend less on your investment home. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, please contact us at Key Partners Property Management.