Being a good property manager goes beyond finding tenants and collecting rent. It’s about relationships and maintaining them. A good relationship will help to reduce future issues and if a tenant feels like they are trusted and cared for they will usually respond by being a good tenant.

Here a few tips on maintaining that positive relationship:

  • Be clear about rules and procedures. Letting a renter know up front how things will work will potentially eliminate any misunderstanding in the future. Also be clear about how you want to communicate; by phone, email or text.
  • Go over the lease agreement with your new tenant, don’t leave any room for confusion especially regarding pets, roommates, or even hanging pictures.
  • Be responsive. If a tenant has an issue or problem or even a question, respond as soon as you can. Don’t make them feel neglected.

    Two people shaking hand

    Start off any relationship in a positive manner.

  • Take care of maintenance issues quickly. A broken air conditioner or furnace, a leaky sink or toilet need to be fixed quickly. Don’t force multiple calls, texts or emails from your tenants. If you can’t make repairs quickly you may need to hire a contractor.
  • Give appropriate (and legal) notice if you need to be on the property for any reason. A tenant has a reasonable expectation of privacy and it should be respected.
  • Be nice! This really just means keeping your relationship positive. Let them know you’re glad they’re there and hope to keep them for a while.

At National Property Management Group we believe that keeping a positive relationship with tenants is the cornerstone of efficient management. It keeps property occupied longer, issues to a minimum, and just plain makes everyone more satisfied with their decisions. That’s why we carefully screen our applicants to make sure they are also looking for a positive experience. So if you have property to lease but just don’t want to be a landlord give us a call.