At National Property Management Group we are accustomed to working with homeowners who find themselves needing to rent their homes. For some it’s a matter of simply waiting until the market improves before selling. For others it may mean relocation for work. Regardless, we specialize in putting homeowners at ease by providing a high level of service, commitment, and maintenance.

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Careful screening can result in great tenants.

One of the concerns we hear often is that their property will be properly maintained while others are occupying their homes. As you can imagine a home is a very personal thing and homeowners can be rightfully nervous that their property is at the mercy of whomever is renting it.

National Property Management Group goes above and beyond when it comes to selecting tenants to occupy our managed properties. We thoroughly and carefully screen any applicant in a number of ways.

• Securing a national credit report on each adult resident.

• Checking with current and previous landlords and asking specific questions regarding payment history, number of tenants, status of pets, condition of the home, if there were complaints from neighbors, and if the landlord would rent to the applicant again.

• Reviewing their employment history

• Requesting a background and criminal check

Our property managers are very well versed in interviewing potential tenants and also very selective. And as our managed homes are in upscale and desirable neighborhoods the applicants we attract are the just the type you’d be happy to have in your home.

So if you need to rent your home you won’t find a better management company than National Property Management Group. For more information please contact a representative at (913) 766-2302.